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Close of Escrow

Closing Day

You have made it this far, almost time to celebrate. There are a few items that happen on or before closing day…

Final Walk-Through Inspection Of Your Hilton Head, SC Home.

Although it is more of a formality, the final walk-through takes place about a day before the closing or the morning of closing. The buyer and their agent visit the property one last time to verify that everything is looking good and working well.

Cancel Your Cable Subscription and the Landscaper!

A few days before closing, we will provide the seller with reminders to have all final readings on utilities and provide the new buyer with contact information so they can transfer service into their name prior to closing. 


Problem-Solving and Being Prepared For Anything When Selling Your Hilton Head, SC Home.

As your real estate agent, we are always looking to assist you. Sometimes things happen that you were not expecting. For example, something at the property breaks, or the one buying the property’s loan falls through or does not receive the needed approvals in time. There is no need to worry! If this were to happen, it is not the first time and is not likely the last time. The good thing is that we have helped others through the same scenario and know what is needed to help the situation be much more manageable and stress-free. We are great problem solvers and solution finders.

The Actual Closing

The Finish! The time to receive the settlement statement summarizing all the details of the transaction is shared. The final closing statement will need to be signed by the buyer(s) and the seller(s). Each side has a closing attorney that will go through the paperwork to explain the final numbers. The buyers will have made arrangements for their wire to be sent and the sellers would have given their attorney the numbers to their account for the incoming wire. Once wires are confirmed, it is considered closed, new buyers are granted immediate possession and all keys can be released.

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