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Palmetto Dunes

Palmetto Dunes Real Estate Info

Below are some important facts and information anyone should know that is thinking of buying or selling in the Palmetto Dunes area of Hilton Head.Palmetto Dunes is 2,000 acres of lush vegetation, 3 miles of beaches, and an 11-mile lagoon system. There are homes, villas, and condos available.

Where is Palmetto Dunes on Hilton Head Island?

The community of Palmetto Dunes is located in the center of Hilton Head Island. The gated community is ocean-oriented, south of Shelter Cove and 278.  

Why do people love Palmetto Dunes, HHI?

The Palmetto Dunes area of Hilton Head is special because of its beauty, nature, centralized location, and beautiful beaches. Nature includes turtles, deer, fish, birds, and alligators. Palmetto Dunes has a phenomenal women’s club. Here is their website.Palmetto Dunes has restaurants, 3 golf courses, tennis and pickleball, and canoe and bike rentals onsite.

The Current State of Palmetto Dunes Real Estate…

Over the last 2 years, Palmetto Dunes property values have risen over 28% on average.

Are There Palmetto Dunes Homes For Sale?

If you want to live in Palmetto Dunes, it is possible.  However, because the market changes frequently, the best way is to have an agent that lives there. I live in Palmetto Dunes and am constantly checking the inventory and videoing properties to send to my clients. Buyers need to be ready with a pre-approval letter from a local lender or proof of funds.

Your Palmetto Dunes Real Estate Agent

We know you have more questions about Palmetto Dunes.  Therefore, The Dacia Allen Team would love the opportunity to answer them.  For example, you may wonder about some of the following questions:
  • What’s the current average price of a home in Palmetto Dunes?
  • How can I sell my Palmetto Dunes home at the best price?
  • Can I rent my property out?
  • How do I register my property and obtain my business license?
  • What amenities does Palmetto Dunes have?
  • What are taxes for owners that rent their homes out?
  • What type of insurance should I have for my Island Home?
To get the answers to these questions, and any others you can think of, simply call or contact us and we’ll be happy to share our experience and knowledge of the area with you now.

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