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Prepare to Sell

There is so much you can do to cause your property to have a greater impact on potential buyers. Curb appeal goes a long way.

What to Do to Make Your Home Stand Out From The Other Houses For Sale on Hilton Head Island:

Here are some things to keep in mind when listing your property for sale:

1. Curb Appeal

Make sure your landscape looks pristine. You never know when a potential buyer will drive by to look at your home. So, adding small creative touches to your Hilton Head Island homes, such as colorful flowers and mulch, will increase the impact on someone going by.

2. Property Repairs On Your Hilton Head Island.

Simple upgrades such as minor window repairs, polishing or replacing the hardware such as doorknobs all around the home, and there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint. You may want to consider painting the most frequently used rooms will instantly brighten up the property.

3. Keep it Showroom Clean and Ready.

Keep your property uncluttered and have a simple decorative touch. Having well-lit rooms is always helpful. Be sure to pay attention to details for example: are the animals cleaned up after? Having fresh-cut flowers can go a long way too. When people come to look at your house you might think of baking something that smells delicious. Trust us this helps! One more thing that we have seen that helps a lot is getting your carpets cleaned. As your Hilton Head real estate agent we will scan the property before it is listed for sale to see how you can improve these areas and more.

4. Disclosures and Inspections.

We help sellers develop a disclosure statement that is mutually beneficial for you and the buyer. We also provide some suggestions to help you think of some other home improvement measures before placing your property on the market (such as termite and pest inspections).

5. It’s Showtime.

Not to worry! We will take care of the actual showing of your property. Buyers, understandably, feel more comfortable discussing the property with the agent if you are not there. Another benefit of having us take care of this is that we will know what information will be most useful in representing your interests when speaking with prospective buyers.

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